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Alex Schubert for "100 Ghost Stories"

Image of Alex Schubert for "100 Ghost Stories"


• Hand-pulled one-color screenprint (black) on French Paper Dur-o-tone Butcher White
• Edition of 10
• 24 x 18 inches

One in a series of ten mask prints created for Wonder Fair's 100 Ghost Stories exhibition, Alex Schubert's contribution inverts the "design a mask" formula (and blows our minds!). Finely drawn Blobby Boys characters float in a huge pull of black ink, leaving the mask area blank and ready to be clipped out. Somehow, we think we're not looking at a mask here-- we're looking out from it!

Alex Schubert is a Kansas City based artist known for his popular comic Blobby Boys. You can find more of Alex's products (but not this print!) over at his shop, here.

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